Social Movements in India


Excerpts from seminar. 31 January – 1 February, 2012. CPS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Zoya Hasan:

India has been a laboratory of social movements.

There are media-driven movements.

There are anti-political movements (whose claim to be non-party is not true).

Gopal Guru: Ethics and Politics of New Social Movements

Contemporary India has witnessed a proliferation of new identities. He uses the word assertion, not movement.

According to him, moral tones in mobilisations are fraud.

There are old and new social assertions.

The old social assertions focus on the state, not on the government.

The new social assertions are concerned with interrogating the state and there is a huge role of middle class.

The real problem in the new social movements is the ethical problem. Risk is democratised. People are fighting for the right to commit mistakes.

You are to be represented but why?

Dipankar Gupta: Social Movements-Then and Now

Politics of commitment and politics of responsibility were an eternal part in the past.

Today, there is an increasing gap between rich and poor. There is uneven access to education.

There is a patron-client politics.

Equality of results, but not equality of opportunity.

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