Untitled Notes

I wrote this note long time back when I was playing with words. My friends used to tell me I was a bit poetic when I wrote about almost anything including their love letters. Well, it seems the girls then liked those letters. I have a uncle whose letter I used to write and now he is married to the same girl I wrote letters to on his behalf! There was a friend who came to Imphal (where I was then studying) from my village to ask me to write a letter to his girlfriend. His excuse: I wrote his first letters and so the handwriting should continue to be the same. I love those days. They give me a nostalgia today. I used to write poetries every now and then. They might not be good. Yet I loved writing poetries. I do not know how I am today.

Below is a note I wrote for a girl. I could not give it to her then. I have never given her a letter. Yet it reminds me of the old introvert me.

Untitled Notes

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Heigrujam Premkumar

I love to read. I love to write. On all things I am passionate about. Tweet me at @heigrujampk

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