Mother’s Day!

Last year, I wrote the following post on my Facebook wall:

All the neighbours in our village still tell me that I was such a stubborn child who would never stop crying whenever Ima was away. “You could not be separated from your mother for a moment,” they would tell me while laughing. I am told that when Ima went to the field to work, I kept crying the whole day and the moment I saw her, I just stopped crying. When Ima took bath, I had to be beside the ‘thongra’; when Ima went to the rice mill, she had to carry me on her back. I was such a trouble-maker for her. There is a saying in our land that “echa fattaba chaoba ngai, ewa fattaba shiba ngai.” I don’t know how true this is but I am sure that my mother waited for years to see me grow up.

Well, she is very happy nowadays. And, I am most fortunate to be her son. I love the way Ima laughs when I make a joke. I love the way Ima cries when I tell her about a small achievement I have achieved. I love the way when Ima mixes few words of English and speaks in a very funny way. She never attended school in her life yet she sometimes mixes a word or two English while talking to me and when I tell her that “Ima, you are speaking English! You speak like those from America,” she would say “I am learning these words from you. You keep putting English words when you speak to me!” And, my mother is determined to start studying once I get a good job and start earning! That’s my mother.

I called her up few hours ago. I told her that today is Mother’s Day. And, she won’t understand it this way. So I explained that today is a day when people celebrate to honor mothers. And I wished her Happy Mother’s Day. She was very happy. Since I am away from home, I asked Ima to buy something nice and have it with her friends. She really wanted me to be there with her… “Nang na sida leiradi kayada nungaikhradaba…”

Happy Mother’s Day!

The last sentence means: “If you are here, how happy shall I be…”

It has been quite a long time that I have been away from home and from my mother.

Tomorrow, I will be with my mother! To home!




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