Why would Messi miss that once in a lifetime penalty shootout in Copa America Final against Chile

I still ask Messi, why? How could you miss that penalty shootout? Was it because of Bravo there as goalkeeper?

Everyone is saying that Messi has not won any major cup for his country, Argentina despite him winning every major cup for his club Barcelona. I very certainly hoped that Argentina under Messi would win Copa America Final this time against Chile. Last time also, Chile won it in penalty shootout. This time also, Chile won it in penalty shootout.

When Messi missed the penalty shootout, it would certainly make a damaging thought among the Argentinian players. He kicked first and missed it. I know there would be a lot of pressure. The expectations are high. But still I wonder how Messi could miss that penalty shootout against Chile in the Copa America Final today. Leo Messi will remember this penalty shootout miss throughout his life.

Well, Claudio Bravo as the Chilean goalkeeper there might be little intimidating for Messi. As a club teammate, Bravo would be knowing Messi very well. And, Messi might feel little intimidated. Of course, Bravo is a brilliant goalkeeper.

I am not blaming Messi for anything.

I would however say that it was a historic miss Messi.

Well, from the beginning, Chileans played brilliantly. Congratulations to the winning team!

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