My Reading Experience With Amazon Kindle E-reader

I have been using Kindle for more than three years and so far my experience with this awesome e-reader is enriching and redefining. It looks awesome and it works awesome! It is a wonderful device every person who wants to expand their knowledge and have an enriching experience of reading books should possess.


Kindle is sold exclusively on (in India). All the basic details about this device are given in their website and I will not write it here. It is unnecessary. If you love reading and want to own a first-class e-reader device that will let you carry thousands of your favourite books in your pocket, and that will let you cherish your valuable moments reading wherever you are, then go and check the website. That’s what an enthusiastic person should do!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite backside and front. 

Here, I will write few things about this device that are not written in Amazon website but known to only the users.

Well, other than 4 weeks lasting battery and more than a thousand books storage capacity in the device, Kindle can do many wonders as well.

With Kindle, it is not only the Kindle format books you can read. You can read all other types of e-books or e-documents or e-articles in Kindle. For instance, you can read a pdf article in Kindle. When you buy a Kindle, you will be given a Kindle e-mail id (if your email id is, then your Kindle account id will be All you have to do is to send the file from your email to this Amazon provided kindle id. That’s it! Your pdf file will be converted to kindle format in few minutes.

One amazing thing about Kindle is that when you want to buy a book, it is like going to a bookstore and flipping through the pages to have a thorough look before buying it. Yeah, many of us do that or I do that! In Kindle, it is even more than that. You can try the sample which includes 2 to 3 chapters for absolutely free. To buy the book or not after reading the first few chapters is up to you! Isn’t it amazing?

And, the best part is that you can read anything in Kindle just like a normal paper based book. The pages are just like that. You will feel as if you are reading the paper-based book. You can read in night with lights off and your eyes will not get tired or hurt. It’s one of the best things ever happened!


The Kindle I have is Kindle Paperwhite WiFi + 3G. It works perfect. This 3G technology works anywhere in the world. You can buy books, read international journals and even look up to Wikipedia. I don’t have to pay a rupee for using 3G connectivity in my Kindle. It is free for lifetime! The recently updated interface looks really good.

Other Kindle devices come with WiFi connectivity only and they are equally good. These are little cheaper than the one with 3G.

The starting price of a Kindle e-reader is Rs. 5999.

There are good quality leather cases of the e-reader available in the website. You can look at these too. They well protect the device and make it look even more premium. Please look for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover. These are Amazon’s original leather cases for the e-reader.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

For further details about Kindle or to buy one for yourself, please go to website.

Have an awesome reading!

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