What are the Uses of Writing Skill in Language Learning?

Image: Pixabay

Writing skill is one of the four basic required skills in learning a language, the other three being reading, listening and speaking. Writing is an integral and necessary skill when learning a language because communication is not done only orally. Writing also results in increased practice using the language. In fact, writing has amazing potential to help maximise language learning and significantly increase the rate at which one learns.

The uses of writing skill in language learning are elaborated in the following points:

One. Writing is a manner for a learner to practice his or her language skills in a way that promotes noticing. While a learner writes her texts, she is compelled to notice certain grammar and vocabulary structures and reflect on why those are used and not others.

Two. When we write, we cannot write without speaking out the words first in our head. In this way, writing is also a way to practice speaking. And, because we get to write at our own pace with no audience, we can give our mind a tremendous amount of repetition with the grammar, words and expressions of the language. This significantly helps in language learning.

Three. Following the above mentioned point, writing allows us to use all of the words and grammar forms that we are currently learning and to master those we have already learned. Writing enables us to make a word stuck in our mind in the long run and increase the rate at which we incorporate new words into our usable vocabulary.

Four. Writing also makes us have a firm grasp on both the spelling and manuscript of the language which is important for us in language learning.

Five. Writing about our days in a journal or diary connects the words and grammars we are learning to the context of our lives. This context and emotional connection creates richer meaning and allows for greater retention of the material. We remember things better when we put them in a context that is familiar to our lives and that we are interested in.

Six. Looking back through these written materials regularly allows us to reconnect with all of the grammar points and words we learned previously. These written materials are great to have as a form of self assessment.

Writing is an important skill in any language and a very much necessary in language learning. Writing can help one learn a language quite effectively. It is a maximiser and will enhance all that one is doing to learn a language.

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