She Shouts, She Fights, She Drives- The Lady E-rickshaw Driver of Burari

She asks you where you are going. The destination does not matter. She will take you to where you name any destination. She has the guts to do things in her own way. And, that’s what inspired me to write this post.


I could not inquire much about her. All that I could know is that she has been driving e-rickshaw on the Burari-GTB Nagar line since last four years. She is about 35 years of age. She is so far the only LADY e-rickshaw driver I have come across in Delhi. The first ever that I witnessed personally.

At first, I thought she was with her son or husband. She was asking the passengers where they are heading to. She was speaking fast, vigorously. When she saw me with my friend, she inquired the same. When we said Sant Nagar, she asked us to board the rickshaw. We did. That’s when I came to know that she was the driver!

Amidst the crowd of male drivers who keep shouting and fighting with each other to get passengers fast, she was no less. She was full of energy, confidence and was equally capable. She fought her way, shouted loudly, got the passengers fast and drove us to our respective destinations with ease.

Elsewhere in the world, seeing a lady driver may be normal. But in India, this is a rarity. All of us know why and I do not intend to engage in that stuff here.

I would say that the lady inspired me in many ways. She reminded me of especially the value of hard work. This does not mean that I do not see the unfairness of life, the inadequacy of the system, the protest of the oppressed, and that she might be pushed into doing that job she might not necessarily want. I simply wanted to celebrate the virtues she excelled. This short article is a small salute to her courage, determination and confidence.

Next time you see her, say hello. She will smile.

May you shine in life sister!

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