Every NCERT Book You Should Read For UPSC Civil Services Examination

I am also in the same journey- the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Some of us start little ahead and naturally the new starters in the journey are eager to know what to read, how to read etc. for this examination. We are all full of curiosity. I did the same. I asked my seniors what books to refer and still always want to know that perfect strategy of how to approach each topic in the syllabus. May the best source may guide you on the strategy part, which is plenty now, and I wish you best of luck in your preparation.


In this post, I put a list of NCERT books that one MUST read when preparing for the civil services examination. Most of the time I get queries on this. This may be the one-stop solution to this query.

Your respective coaching institutes may ask you to read some extra NCERT books also. The ones I list here are the MUST READS, the core only. Whichever institute you join, you will be definitely asked to read these NCERT books for this particular examination. Therefore, if you want to read the NCERT books before joining a coaching institute, you can go ahead with the following:


Class 11 and 12

  1. Fundamentals of Physical Geography (New)
  2. Human Geography (New)
  3. India: Physical Environment (New)
  4. India: People and Economy (New)

Read along with an Atlas: Orient Blackswan School Atlas or Oxford Student Atlas for India.


  1. India’s Ancient Past by R. S. Sharma (OUP)
  2. History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Orient Blackswan)
  3. History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra (Orient Blackswan). (An excellent alternative to this book is Spectrum’s A Brief History Modern India by Rajiv Ahir

These are newly published books of old NCERT history books. Instead of buying the photocopies of the old NCERT history books, it is highly recommended that you buy these books.

Indian Polity

Class 11

  1. Indian Constitution at Work (New)

Indian Economy

Class 11

  1. Indian Economic Development (New)

Class 12

  1. Macroeconomics (New)

Indian Society

Class 12

  1. Indian Society (New)
  2. Social Change and Development in India (New)

General Science

New NCERT books from 6 to 10. For ecology part, Class 12 Biology (Unit 10, Chapter 13 to 16).

Environment and Ecology

Class 12

  1. Biology (New)- Unit 10, Chapter 13 to 16. The Unit on Ecology.

Class 7

  1. Our Environment (New).

This list provides the names of core NCERT books that you must read for UPSC CSE. If you find that the list is missing any core NCERT book, please don’t hesitate to provide it in the comment below.

For those who are looking for soft copies of these books- you can either google it or wait for an update on this post soon here.

Best wishes 🙂

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