Hey there. My name is Heigrujam Premkumar. I am from Manipur, a small state in India’s north-east region. I presently live in Delhi where I study, read, write and evolve.. Yeah, that’s a little about me!

Being in the field of Political Science for a long time, most of the things I write on the blog are related to the discipline. Not exclusively though. I also write about topics related to economy, society, culture and issues of contemporary relevance.

I occasionally write short stories and poetry in my mother tongue as well as in English. I share these too on the blog whenever I feel that these writings may give a little smile of the day to the readers.

My friends also occasionally contribute articles to the blog. They are as much part of heignotes.

blog content

Most of what I am publishing on this blog are original and well-researched. Those articles which are not original are given due credit in the beginning or at the end of the article. The summaries of books, extracts from articles or books etc. published occasionally on the blog are pointed out as such in the beginning of the post and given its source/reference.

Regarding the images in use, the sources for images are given wherever necessary. Most of the images used in the blog are, however, from Pixabay.

You may not always see references for academic articles. Whenever certain original words/sentences from copyright sources are used, these are put under quotation. That should be enough for a blog post. I don’t want the articles look clumsy! Else, be assured that due effort is put to maintain zero plagiarism. 

If you find any copyright violation or have any query related to posts published on this blog, you can contact me using the feedback form or the email address provided below.

I would appreciate it if you give me credit for any work of mine that you use, and ideally, link back to the original. You are under no obligation to do so though.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. hey i am gonna prepare for psir but there is not much range covered in your articles,
    in terms of syllabus so please update as ur articles are really comprehensive from writing perspective and easy to understand.

    1. Hello there, new articles will soon be added on the same page. I was little occupied for the past few months and thus could not write the articles. Keep visiting and you’ll see new articles! Cheers and all the best!

      1. also it would be great help if u look into some previous year questions and give some conceptual understanding regarding theories in both section-A of paper-I and paper-II as they are concerned with theories with need conceptual backing. please

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