Freedom as Non-domination: An Appraisal


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The Unity of Indians Lies in the “Reviews” of Snapchat App

If History Can Be Of Any Lesson


I am a Manipuri and I am not Ashamed When Irom Sharmila got only 90 Votes

Every NCERT Book You Should Read For UPSC Civil Services Examination


She Shouts, She Fights, She Drives- The Lady E-rickshaw Driver of Burari

The Four Types of Writing

What are the Uses of Writing Skill in Language Learning?

One Thing About Travelling in the Delhi Metro is That It’s Shitty


The Five Most Basic Strategies To Improve Writing Skill

What are the Childhood Social Indicators?

For Some, Childhood Memories are to be Cherished; for Others, Abandoned

Diaspora-Homeland Interaction: Indian Diaspora in the United States, 1990s-2011

Review-cum-Summary of Ravindra K. Jain, 2010, “Nation, Diaspora, Trans-nation: Reflections from India”



Why Do We Need Political Philosophy? What are the Problems of Political Philosophy?

Relation between Political Theory and Political Philosophy

What is Political Philosophy?

Why Do We Read The Classics?

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution and Its Educational Implications

“The Network State”: Nation-State In The Age Of Globalization


Plato’s Theory of Ideas or Forms

Importance of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) in India

What Values Do Education Inculcate in the Learners

What are Values? What are the Types of Values?


Equality of Educational Opportunities: The Indian Context

What is Philosophy? How is Philosophy Related to Education?

Which Learning Processes Facilitate Construction of Knowledge?

Meaning of Cognition. Role of Sensation, Perception and Conception in Cognitive Development

Factors Influencing Child Development

Autonomy of Learners and the Restraints on Learners in School

Important Facts about the Nobel Laureates of India

What is Sustainable Development? The Role of Education in Achieving Sustainable Development

What is Social Mobility? Role of Education in Bringing Social Mobility


Revisiting B. R. Ambedkar’s Views on Caste System and Untouchability

The Performance and the Credibility of the National Human Rights Commission


What is political theory?

How to write a good essay?

The Formation of the Indian State


The Balance of Power: A Critical Enquiry of the Theory and Its Relevance in Security Studies Today


India’s Quest for Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership: An Analysis

The Role of Rajya Sabha in India Polity

The “Office of Profit” explained

Demand for new and smaller states in India


Mother’s Day!

Excluded Languages, Silenced Voices

Stand up for what you believe in

Dilemma. It’s about a real life incident.

“Northeast” in India’s academic and public discourse


The Marxist Theory of Imperialism

Clear JRF, Don’t Bother about NET: Book List and Strategy for Political Science Students

Legislative control over financial administration in India

Defining Budget

Plato’s “Republic” is the finest treatise ever written on education: Rousseau

Karl Popper’s Critique of Plato’s Philosophy

Immanuel Kant on the Meaning of Enlightenment

What is Global Capitalism?

“After Nehru” by Perry Anderson

Plato’s Idea of the Philosopher King

Inconsistencies in John Locke’s Philosophy

What is Modern in Machiavelli?

Plato’s Theory of Three Classes and Three Souls

Plato and the Idea of Justice

Defining Modernity

Friend and Friendship

Types of Sampling

Survey Research and Its Role in Political Science Research


Chandrabati Ramayana

Colonialism as depicted in Literature

“Madhabi” by Dr. Lamabam Kamal

Network State

Unwanted Immigrants and the Question of Their Admittance to the Host Country

Understanding Ethnic Identity the Instrumentalist Way: A Critical Analysis


Articles on the idea of nation and nationalism

Sedition Law in India

Umberto Eco on the Meaning of Intellectual

For the Beloved Harper Lee

Review of Randall Schweller, Unanswered Threats: Political Constraints on the Balance of Power

Review of Ralph Miliband, The State in Capitalist Society

The Paradox of Citizenship as National Identity

Review of Naeem Inayatullah and David L. Blaney, International Relations and the Problem of Difference

Review of J. Ann Tickner, Gendering World Politics: Issues and Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era

Review of Ayesha Jalal, Democracy and Authoritarianism in South Asia: A Comparative and Historical Perspective

Selma-to-Montgomery March, 1965

Review of Mahmood Mamdani, Define and Rule: Native as Political Identity

Finding Spaces for “Ethnic Food”

Jean Jaques Rousseau and the Idea of General Will: A Critical Look

J. S. Mill and His Idea for the Emancipation of Women

Review of Myron Weiner and Michael S. Teitelbaum, Political Demography, Demographic Engineering

The Bicycle Diaries

An Unlikely Guest and A Reluctant Host


The Idea of Pleasure and Pain in Aristotle’s The Nichomachean Ethics

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