Political Science

The study of politics started with the ancient Greek scholars. In fact, the terms ‘polity’, ‘politics’ and ‘political’ are derived from the Greek word ‘polis’ which denoted ancient Greek city-states. Politics in their understanding was aimed at securing good life for the community. Aristotle called it the “master-science.”

The discipline has undergone significant changes in its meaning, nature and scope. From the usual normative studies and more focus on philosophical part, to the behavioural revolution and then post-behavioural phase, it has been evolving.

In the field of political science, not only do we study thinkers and their concepts, approaches, but we also study foreign policies, international relations etc. (though International Relations has emerged as a separate discipline, it is considered to be a branch of Political Science).

The content of articles in this section will comprise political theory, political thought, political concepts/ideas, themes related to Indian polity as well as Indian political thought, international relations, comparative politics, etc.

Broadly, the articles are organised in the following major sections. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Political Theory

Political Thinkers and Thought

Political Ideologies

International Relations

Comparative Politics

Indian Polity

Indian Political Thinkers and Thought

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