I am a beginner and I am still exploring. I may not be the master to tell you what is the best. However, on my journey as a reader and writer of this blog, I have discovered certain tools that make reading and writing more friendlier.

I would say that all these resources may not be the deciding factor of one’s reading and writing capacities. It’s just that these resources may make you more resourceful person. It all depends on how we use them.

1. Reading

Pocket: This is the only app I store any article I would like to read at a later time.

Books: Yes, the normal traditional printed books. In this digital era, my preferred reading material continues to be the printed books.

Amazon Kindle: I use an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite also.

2. Note Taking

Pen and paper: Whenever an idea strikes, I simply jot down on a notebook. I carry a small notebook with me most of the time.

Evernote: When carrying a notebook is not possible, I use Evernote. Nowadays, I use Evernote more frequently.

3. Planning This app is very simple and easy to use. I normally use this app for planning my personal schedule. And, beautifully, no ads.

4. Others

Caffeine: For MacBook users, this app keeps your laptop awake. If you are away for few minutes or hours, this app prevent the laptop from sleeping.

The Great Suspender: For MacBook users, this app keeps the unused tabs suspended thus saving power.

You’ll find both these apps in Apple App Store for free.

That’s all I use at this moment. If you’re missing anything, let me know.

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