Dear all, I hope you are all safe and doing well. The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways and not pleasantly. However, I don’t want you to lose HOPE. It is often in the most challenging moments that the best of our character and strength comes out.

I know that some of you might not be able to prepare well in the past few months. Some of you might not be feeling very positive about a lot of things. It’s all right. Almost everyone is not very positive at this moment. That’s happening at a global level. So, don’t worry 😉 be happy 😃!

Now, for the remaining few days before the exam, I want you to focus on your preparation. No need to think about what you did or didn’t; it should not bother you now. Just focus on the coming few days. To guide you in your preparation and give you some energy, yes, I will give you a ONE WEEK CHALLENGE Plan. You follow it and you nail the exam. It will be rigorous for you. It will take more than one week for you to complete all the assigned tasks. It’s okay. You complete it before the exam. Make brief notes and revise it repeatedly. I would not give you something you all would not be able to do. You are strong 💪🏼 and you can do it✊🏻

Plan Details

Maximum length of One Hour Class each day beginning coming Monday for one week. It may be shorter and that’s actually a good thing!

The video classes will be uploaded on YouTube (WATCH & LEARN at HEIGWAY). I planned to upload the classes between 10.30 am – 11 am. I may change the timing to evening say before 7 pm. If all things are right, we may try live classes. The first introductory video is already available on the HEIGWAY YouTube channel.

The classes will be followed by Mock Questions on HEIGWAY’s YouTube Community platform. This will enable us to discuss each question separately. I will provide the answers the next day. You form groups/teams and discuss the answers. This will help you tremendously.

Below is the DAY-WISE Plan of the ONE WEEK CHALLENGE:

DAY 1 & 2
Western Political Thought (+50 questions)

Concepts and Approaches in Political Theory (+ 50 questions)

Social and Political Thought of Modern India (+ 50 questions)

Constitution and Political Institutions of India (+50 questions)


State and Politics in India; Political Processes and Policies in India (+50 questions)

Comparative Government and Politics (+ 50 questions)

International Relations (+ 50 questions)

I will be glad to make any changes as you think important. You can tell me if anything extra is to be added or subtracted. You can give me your inputs anytime. Discuss among yourselves. Do you want me to emphasise any particular area? Or put more questions on some area than others? Just think about it and let me know.

And, if anyone is having any issue regarding this arrangement, you can let me know how we can do otherwise.

I hope I am reaching out to everyone of you. I hope you all are reading the messages. Whether in the hills or plains, villages or cities, if you have any issue and if I can be of any help, you can let me know anytime. This is important because THIS IS YOUR TIME!

All the best.

With much affection.